November 23rd APNA Zoom Meeting

The Arlington Park Neighborhood Association at its November 23 Zoom Meeting hosted a

presentation about the proposed apartments. There were many questions covering the same

topics that have been raised in previous meetings. The APNA did not record the presentation

and the minutes of the meeting have not been made posted on their website.

Below is the information from our website in advance of the November 23rd meeting.

Discussion of the Bahia Vista Apartments proposal for the corner of Bahia Vista & Tuttle- Old Doctor’s Hospital location.
Hello Neighbors-

My name is Flo Entler and I live in the Arlington Park neighborhood (23 years). I am reaching out to you because you attended the August 19, 2021 community workshop for Bahia Vista Apartments, previously known as Arlington Commons. I am a founding member of Preserve Arlington Park Neighborhood committee, a group of neighbors who joined forces the first time around for this project in 2019. We are the “No High Density” signs you have seen around the neighborhood.

I found out from Dan Clermont, our neighborhood board president that the developer will be presenting at our Tuesday, November 23rd APNA neighborhood meeting so I wanted to give you a heads up. FYI- one of the entrances is now back in the neighborhood on Briggs Ave. 

I’m not sure if you are aware, but Dan Clermont, our APNA board president, is also on the Planning Board. He has a conflict with the Bahia Vista Apartments project so our neighborhood board has decided not to take a stance on the project. I personally do not feel this is fair to the Arlington Park neighborhood. I hopefully will be joining our APNA board this November so I can at least keep the neighborhood informed.

 As I’m sure you are aware this project is looking to change the future land use map from medium density (25 units per acre), which is allowed, to high density (50 units per acre). The neighborhood understands that growth and change are going to happen but not at the benefit of the developer and at the expense of the neighborhood’s quality of life.

I am hoping you will all attend the November 23rd APNA meeting to stay informed and ask your questions. I can send you the zoom link if you need. We usually get it the Monday before the Tuesday meeting. I am also hoping for your representation at the Planning Board meeting in January (no date yet). All we have are our voices. We need to show up and use them.

Thank you and please contact me with any questions. If you’d like a No High Density sign, let me know. We still have some left from last time. 

Enjoy the cool weather!

Flo Entler