About US

Dear Neighbors,
We would like to formally introduce our committee, the Preserve Arlington Park Neighborhood Committee (PAP), and share with you what we are up to!   Our current committee members are:  Robert Grant, spokesperson; Virginia Hoffman, Flo Entler, Chet Pletzke, Rachael Wilson, Nathan Wilson, Lorrie Muldowny, John Hanlon and Mary Boutieller.  The mission statement for PAP is: “To preserve the quality of life and beauty of the Arlington Park neighborhood, while fostering a strong sense of community where everyone’s input is valued, appreciated and desired.” 

We will do this by staying informed, sharing information, promoting community involvement, and keeping the best interests of the residents at the forefront.

PAP was started by a small group of concerned neighbors in response to the proposed apartment complex, Arlington Commons.  Many of you may remember the “No High Density” signs that blanketed our neighborhood!  With your help, and over 900 petition signatures, we succeeded in stopping the proposed project, at least for now.

As a committee, it is our goal to stay informed about potential projects that might impact our neighborhood, and work with the Arlington Park Neighborhood Association and residents to ensure that we have a say in what happens to our beautiful neighborhood.